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Here are some of the responsibilities that our volunteers can help us out with.

If you see something that interests you, be sure to register for a time slot that is convenient for you.

Register sooner rather than later, you would be surprised how quickly they fill up. Each "shift" is 4 hours.


1. Hubby Helpers - Set-Up

Calling all husbands! Sign up for a set-up shift if you're willing to do some heavy lifting! We need a few good men to assist in unloading our truck and setting up racks and displays.

2. Drop off Inspectors

Inspectors check items from consignors when they drop them off. An eye for quality is a must. You will be looking to see that they are tagged properly, that clothing is in acceptable condition, and that toys and gear are functioning properly.  Be ready to turn away items that don’t meet our quality guidelines.

3. Sales Floor Director

Helps the consignors in placing their merchandise in the correct locations.

4. Register Assistant / Bagger

Assistants help the cashiers during checkout with bagging the bargains and placing 'Sold' stickers on large items.

5. Sales Floor Monitor

Floor Monitors help us keeps the sales floor in order by organizing the items, returning items back to the sales floor when needed, placing items in our holding area for customers while they shop and removing items from the sales floor if they do not meet our quality guidelines.

6. Door Monitors

Door monitors collect PreSale passes, check our guest list during the PreSales, inspect large outgoing items for "Sold" tags, give out Goodybags, tag incoming strollers, and other miscellaneous duties.

7. Hubby Helpers - Break Down

Calling all husbands! We need a small team of men to assist in breaking down the racks and loading them onto our truck after the event closes.

8. PostSale Super Sorter

Sorters organize leftover items back to the Consignors after the event closes in preparation for pick up. Sorters also organize items for the charity trucks.

Thank you for Joining our Team!