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Who can sign up as a volunteer?

Only Consignors can sign up for a volunteer shift.

Who can sign up as a volunteer?

Only Consignors can sign up for a volunteer shift.!

Can I volunteer if I am not a Consignor?

Absolutely. Consignors do not need to volunteer and volunteers do not need to consign.

However, if you are not a Consignor, your volunteer hours must be completed before the Volunteer PreSale.

Can I volunteer my husband in my place?

Yes, we love husbands!

We are always in need of men to help us during the set up and break down process, to help us load or unload cars or to move large merchandise.

Your husband can then happily fork over his Volunteer PreSale pass to you, his lovely wife.

How long are the shifts?

4 hours each. We offer some shifts that are 2 hours in length however you are required to work 4 hours to earn additional commissions

What kind of "work" do I have to do?

See our Volunteer Options section and take a look.

If you are not able to work during the actual event, we have listed other ways of volunteering.

We are also open to any creative ideas that will help us add value to our event, so if you have a great one, feel free to email us. It just may earn you a PreSale pass.

Can I bring my child to my volunteer shift?

I'm sorry, for safety reasons, children are not allowed to accompany Mom or Dad during their volunteer shift.

Can I bring a friend to the Volunteer PreSale?

Shopping early at the Volunteer PreSale is a privilege that our volunteers have worked very hard to earn, therefore, no friends will be allowed to shop with you at the Volunteer PreSales.

And anyway, you’ll be shopping with so many of your new friends, you won’t even need to bring an old friend!