Too Pooped to Prep?

This option is perfect for busy Moms who would like to consign but just can’t do the tagging themselves. This service is available on a limited first come, first serve basis.

Here is how it works:

• Gather up your clothing, toys and baby equipment that you wish to sell. You are responsible for making sure your items comply with our list acceptable items, meet our quality guidelines and have been checked against the national recall list at

Watch carefully for items with stains, holes, fuzz balls, fading, broken zippers/snaps, pet hair and missing buttons. These items will be donated and will not be returned to you.

• Place toys with small items or multiple pieces in a Ziploc Bag so they are not lost in transit.

• If you would like outfits sold together, they must be secured together. Items not secured together will be sold as separates.

Launder your clothing and thoroughly clean your toys and equipment. Place them in storage boxes or bins.

• You items must be dropped off to our Tagging Team at least 6 - 8 weeks prior to the sale.

• Your Tag Team Specialist will provide you with a Consignor Agreement that must be signed as well as one pass to our Consignor Presale. A materials fee will be deducted from your final commission check.

• Your Tag Team Specialist will organize, hang, price and tag the items for you.

• If you choose not to donate your items, you will be responsible to pick up any unsold items at the conclusion of the sale.

For this service, you will receive 40% of the selling price.

If you would like to take advantage of our Tagging Team, please contact us at before registering as a new Consignor.