Drop Off & Pick Up

You may choose a drop-off appointment that is convenient for you after you register to consign.

Please do not be late for your appointment, we have a lot to do in a short amount of time.

1. Before bringing in your items, check in at the registration table and give us your signed Consignor Agreement. If you are scheduled to volunteer during the sale, you will also be given a Volunteer Agreement to sign.

2. Bring your items into the building. Rolling racks will be provided to help make this easier. A ChickenKidz staff member will also be available to help.

3. You will be directed to the Inspection Table where a ChickenKidz staff member will perform quality control, check your tags and ensure your toys and equipment are in working order.

4. You will be required to set up your large equipment such as swings or play equipment. Please bring your own tools to do so if required. We can provide assistance.

5. Before you go home, consider volunteering for any available shifts, if you haven't done so already.

6. Pick up your PreSale pass and congratulate yourself for a job well done!

Pick Up

If you followed our pricing guidelines and priced your items fairly and competitively, you shouldn't have much to pick up, hopefully nothing. But if you did not choose to donate your unsold items, then you must pick them up at the designated pick-up time. If you are unable to pick up your items, send your husband, send a friend. But we absolutely cannot hold items. Your items will be among those donated if they have not been picked up. Absolutely no exceptions.

Consignor checks will be mailed to you within 7 days after the close of the sale. If you donated all or some of your items that did not sell, you will also be able to download a Donation Report for tax purposes.