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  • Tips from the Chicks!

    Jun 11, 14 • Chick TipsNo Comments
    Tips from the Chicks!

    I used to be a little, um, snobbish maybe when it came to any kind of consignment shopping. Instead, I shopped retail and patted myself on the back for scoring a 30% off coupon or free shipping.  Looking back, I must have believed that people tried to pawn off dirty, worn clothing to unsuspecting shoppers ...

  • What it’s all About!

    Nov 29, 13 • Chick TipsNo Comments
    What it’s all About!

    I am truly grateful my kids have no concept of money, because if they knew what college costs versus how much money we have in the bank, they would wake up crying at night even more than they already do.  So like everyone else on Long Island, I do what I can to drive down ...